Picnics in the City

Picnics in the City, a Houston-based business specializing in luxury picnics and events, underwent a website refresh to align with their expanded services in event planning and rentals. The redesign aimed to update content for better customer appeal and create a modern, user-friendly design. My role in the project was to enhance the customer journey, revise the copy to emphasize Picnics in the City's event planning expertise, and ensure the new design aligns with their branding, vision, and unique offerings, setting them apart from competitors.


Picnics in the City


2017 - Current


Custom Shopify Website Design



HTML, Liquid, CSS, JS

Picnics in the City Website ShowcasePicnics in the City Website ShowcasePicnics in the City HomepagePicnics in the City Event Planning PagePicnics in the City All Picnics PagePicnics in the City Website Showcase

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